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Remote Teams 

How it can actually work

There’s always two sides of the fence when it comes to remote work. Large employers often wonder if working from home stifles innovation and productivity. Questions like, “What makes a team successful?” and “Can remote team achieve the same productivity as co-located teams can?”

But, what makes a team successful and what drives productivity? For decades, management has thought People often think that constant communication is most effective, but new studies show that that’s not always necessarily the case.

Tune in to find out how remote work can improve team innovation.

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What You'll Learn

Traditional team setting vs. disbursed - What's better?

What facilitates team success and strategy execution

How to increase productivity within remote teams

Meet The Experts

Alexa Ortega-Mendoza

Your PI® webinar moderator whom you've come to know (and love). If you have any questions regarding this webinar, please contact Alexa at:

Kevin Perkins

PI® strategic communications.

Margaret Campbell

PI#champion and product expert.

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